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From one extreme to another..!

After a couple of last minute hiccoughs we finally welcomed our first guests to stay in Santina in the middle of May - hurrah! While we were very excited to have reached this point, our excitement was dampened by the weather... frosts, rain, wind and more rain - was it really May?

Everything was set out for guests to sit outside, enjoy the views and the early warmth of the year, but instead our first couple arrived in the rain and... left in the rain! They fully embraced the experience though (of course, the hot tub can be used whatever the weather!), as did our next guests and, going from the reviews we received, thoroughly enjoyed staying in the shepherd hut.

We haven't had time to look back and won't have time to until the end of September... it seems that lots of people are looking to escape the hustle & bustle of life and have a quiet break as we are now fully booked for the next 3 months- yay! June has started with a hot, sunny blast and guests have been making the most of the gorgeous weather - sunbathing, hot tubbing, BBQ-ing, sitting round the fire pit as the evenings cool down and watching the sun set - long may it all continue..

Santina's looking good in the meadow!

Work on the farm continues in the background and the warm weather has been good news for the crops. Our barley looks different every couple of days and it won't be long before it starts to turn that lovely shade of gold as harvest isn't too far away - fingers cross the weather continues to stay kind (I wonder if I will ever add to this blog without mentioning the weather?!).

The other half is off playing cricket today - enjoying a bit of social life before the madness of summer on an arable farm! As for me, dare I grab a bit of time in the sun this afternoon while nobody is here...?? Why not!


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