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Where did the time go??

Well, where on earth did March & April go? I know that we've been busy with farming activities as well as continuing to do work on the shepherd hut site, but in all honesty it's scary how the time has flown. Perhaps we're struggling to acknowledge that it's May already because the weather feels like we are still in March!

It's always a bit of a joke that farmers are never happy with the weather, but we have gone from one extreme to the other - so wet in February and early March that we were unable to position our new shepherd hut in the field, to it being so dry in April that cracks have appeared in the ground and new seeds are struggling to grow. As for the cold wind...

Anyway, amidst James cracking on with looking after the crops & animals, the boys getting back to school, me being back at work (and doing a few sessions volunteering at the local Covid vaccination hub!), we have made lots of progress with our new venture. We managed to inch the shepherd hut in place a few weeks ago and have since been busy getting the groundwork around it ready, as well as keeping the local Hermes, DPD and Amazon delivery drivers occupied with dropping off all those online orders of internal fixtures & fittings..!

One thing that we needed to decide upon was a name for the hut... a suggestion from a friend (you know who you are - thank you!) to use a name of types of cherry created a good family discussion! Marvin? (a straight "no"), Carmen? ("I just don't like it"), Celeste? (again a straight "no"), Paloma? ("no, reminds us of a certain singer), Sabrina? ("wasn't there a TV programme about a ghost called Sabrina?"), Santina ("the best one so far")... so Santina was chosen and here she is below pictured on one of the rare sunny Spring afternoons we had!

The addition of a hot tub has been a real hit - not just with our future guests, but also with us... it would have been rude not to try it out wouldn't it? It's been a lovely way to warm up on the chilly April evenings!

Sunset views from the hot tub

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