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This is us - the Hopperton family! (In fairness it was taken a couple of years ago when we were on holiday in the Lake District, but we haven't changed that much..!)


We have a family farm on the Cambridgeshire / Bedfordshire border and in January 2020 opened our self-catering holiday accommodation - Cherry Blossom. The Covid-19 crisis didn't give our new venture the best start but, although we are always busy on the farm, it did give us that bit of extra time during lockdown to stop and think about everything, put a lot of things into perspective and do things that we'd always just put on hold.

For us it was a bit of a turning point... over the last few years we had stood in the grass field behind the farmhouse so many times and said "wouldn't it be a great to diversify and set up a glamping site here" but we didn't quite have the courage to follow through with our dream. The pandemic changed that and in April 2020 we applied for planning permission to change the use of a piece of the field from grassland to locate three shepherd huts for holiday accommodation.

The whole planning process has been an eye opener, time consuming, expensive and full of frustrations, but we were delighted (and very relieved!) on Christmas Eve to finally receive confirmation that planning had been approved (goodness knows how long it takes for bigger projects to get approval...) - a great Christmas present for us!

Since then the whole family has been busy (in between farm work and online schooling) preparing the site - we have our first hut on order and are really excited about our plans. Keep following to keep updated with our progress!

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